E-cigarettes, follow the money flow about who may be lurking?

Did one ever consider how this E-cigarette industry has morphed into a giant in just a short time.  Now a multibillion dollar industry, poised to addict our innocent youngsters?  These companies producing sweet incentives in the candy jar so to speak, addicting our innocent children?  Will children and teenagers use this E-cigs to inhale or “vape” a multitude of chemicals including hallucinogens to gain euphoria or a thrill, that may sicken, harm, or even kill them.


Doubling up by supplementing our diets with vitamins or minerals?

Be careful, because too much of something good may end up being bad for you. It is true that Calcium metabolism depends on activated Vitamin D and that activated Vitamin D depends on exposure to sunlight.  That said, too much calcium may be harmful to our own blood vessels, particularly the small coronary arteries that provide oxygen and blood flood to the heart muscle.  So maybe it is time to consider that too much of something like calcium, in the form of a supplemental vitamin, added to our normal dietary calcium consumption may actually be very harmful to our bodies.


Join us on the web

Just getting around to learning how to use this wordpress blog.  I am a newbie at this, so I ask for patience please 🙂  I have so much medical information to share moving forward, but for now just want to ensure that I am more educated about how to detail the blog.  I urge each of you to visit our pediatric website, pediatricgrowth.com to learn more about my pediatric office.

A welcome from the desk of Dr. Hirschfield

We have now created an exciting and motivating learning experience through the creation of this living blog.  We will  share with our followers from all around, the important medical information and events that you can benefit from and just maybe you can incorporate into your lives.  Over the coming months there will be many added elements that is certain to satisfy all of us while frequenting this blog.  Of course, we will keep with a true focus on wellness and prevention, but we will be sure to mix in elements of illness and disease, therapies and immunizations, sprinkled with research and development results.  I truly hope that you will enjoy this blog as a vehicle of medical education to assist you and your families to live a  life full of wellness and vitality.