Sweetened drinks sour the body

Added sweeteners kill.  A can of soda packs 38 gms of sugar/12 ounce can and 130 calories. What’s more it contributes to diabetes and heart disease the number one cause of death.


Tuberculosis (TB) usually presents as a lung infection but NOT as infectious as “flu”!

It is important to know that a person who is exposed to TB bacteria is not able to spread the bacteria to other people right away. Only persons with active TB disease can spread TB bacteria to others. Before you would be able to spread TB to others, you would have to breathe in TB bacteria and become infected. Then the active bacteria would have to multiply in your body and cause active TB disease. At this point, you could possibly spread TB bacteria to others. People with TB disease are most likely to spread the bacteria to people they spend time with every day, such as family members, friends, coworkers, or schoolmates.



The Calorie Density Scale, are you following these tips when it comes to health maintenance? Oils, NOT GOOD!

calorie density chart

The following link provides an easy read article that can really save you from unnecessary weight gain.  Easing back on these high calorie dense foods will ease your hunger and at the same time allow you to lose unwanted weight.