I would recommend a multivitamin for individuals that strictly adhere to plant based nutrition unless they have dietician involvement.

Protein | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Daily Florida Zika virus tracker | Miami Herald

Zika on the rise throughout FL and travel to and from FL increases our risk of exposure.


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Diaper Rash- Poof, gone!


Eliminate moisture and heat from the diaper area and clear that ugly and painful diaper rashes in just one step. Click to the “cold” setting on the hair dryer, ensure cold air only is coming out from the blower, and start blowing air onto the bare butt of your baby.  Cheap and easy and works 100% guaranteed.  Pass this information around, eliminating the cost of costly diaper creams that actually make rashes worse in many cases by adding unnecessary moisture and retention of heat!