Consider alternatives to dairy consumption

Over and over, we read articles, watch news reports, and are taught from a very young age about how cow’s milk and dairy consumption are good for “bones” and “good for us”.  Many nutrition experts and research institutions are now more vigorously questioning these long-standing views that cow’s milk and dairy consumption is good.  Consider this, why are brittle bones and high hip fracture rates in American women at the highest level when compared to the rest of the world? It is a fact that American women consume more cow’s milk than in most countries around the world.  So, naturally you are likely to ask the question why do we have such a problem in our country with hip fractures?  Isn’t calcium derived from cow’s milk supposed to be a good thing? Maybe not.

Yet the science behind this belief may just tell a different story. Cows milk contains both high levels of calcium and animal derived protein (ie casein) both that are consumed at substantial levels in the USA and are known to cause increased calcium urinary excretion, that may lead to brittle bones and subsequent fractures.  So we may just have the scientific response to why brittle bones and American women suffer from this disease at record rates while other countries with predominant plant-based sources of nutrition do not.  Of course, there will always be skeptics out there!  I urge your families to become educated about your health and to consider alternative sources of calcium and proteins in your diets, like the consumption of plant-based alternatives like beans and green vegetables.


The China Study Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health, T. Colin Camplell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, 2006

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