Acne and its effects

Acne can occur at any age with the majority of cases involving infants and teenagers when hormonal stimulation is more pronounced.  Of course, parents of adolescents need to be cognizant of the potential psychosocial implications of moderate to severe acne, particularly those individuals with more severe presentations.  The overwhelmingly majority of acne cases in these age groups are simply transient and commence in the preadolescent & adolescent years and are not generally associated with an underlying disease.  If your “child” develops acne it would be worthwhile to seek consultation by a medical professional to rule out a possible hormone imbalance.

For acne to even develop an individual must have active glands stimulated by hormones that result in follicle plugging, sebum production, inflammation, and the generation of the acne bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes. Acne treatments start usually with a topical treatment of Benzoyl Peroxide acting as an antibacterial agent for mild cases.  When used in combination with oral antibiotics for more moderate cases the Benzoyl Peroxide may help to lessen the resistance of the bacteria to the oral antibiotics.


  • Childhood acne should be evaluated for other causes
  • Always use hypoallergenic washes or soaps for facial cleansing daily
  • Do not use antibacterial soaps
  • Always use a sunscreen that is  a rating of 30 SPF+ and reapply since the sunscreens are not waterproof
  • It is acceptable to use Benzoyl Peroxide in adolescents with mild acne cases
  • Avoid scarring and the psychological impact by seeking medical attention in cases of moderate to severe cases of acne





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