HCP’s prescribing birth control pills must consider the cancer risk? The knee jerk reaction to a patient request!





I would offer you these words of caution before requesting birth control pills from your medical provider. Consider the medical reason(s) why and how your reason(s) justify the lifetime risks and/or the potentially undesirable side effects  initiating such therapy for you or your daughter.  By definition, your XX genotype put you at high risk particularly in breast cancer (1 in 8 risk for women in general population) due to natural human estrogens.  Many of the risks have been published in prestigious scientific journals, some of them are still not proven or not fully established.  Ultimately, you will make the decision after objective information by educating yourself.  Do not ever assume or expect that your physician or pharmaceutical companies are going to give you all the answers in an objective way.  Ask many questions as some questions may not have a definite answer and that is ok as long as you realize that. Weigh the benefits and risks of your decision to take the Rx for your intended purpose. There may certainly be better alternatives out there without the risk and potential undesirable risks.



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