Avoid the flu

Since children are the major source of these viruses keeping them healthy and away from obvious sick contacts is critical. Did you know, that children carry the virus in their nose for up to 2 weeks and all the while can transmit their flu illness to others people through their highly infectious respiratory secretions (ie via sneezing and coughing).

The MUST DO’s for older children and adults to HALT the virus before it can multiply rapidly in the nose is to aggressively use saline rinses and cleanse the nasal passages by blowing the nose.  For children, the use of saline rinses and effectively suctioning  the nasal secretions by the “dreaded” BLUE BULB syringe for younger children is critical to help heal and prevent transmission to others.

Influenza vaccination policies are highly effective in controlling outbreaks of disease.  The most effective Flu vaccine type is the Q-LAIV Flumist immunization. For you chickens out there, this nasal immunization is indicated for 2 years of age and older with some exclusions and you dont have to have a needle stick! Check with your physician to see if you are a candidate for this one. If not, you are still eligible for the old fashioned injectable immunization as long as you are a minimum of 6 months of age.


Immunogenicity and safety of a quadrivalent live attenuated influenza vaccine in children:


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