Florida’s HMO medicaid system is in full cardiac arrest!

share thoughts as the no pay raise is in order for pediatricians in 2015. so sad for the children who need our services!

Jeffrey A. Hirschfield, MD, CPI, ABLM

I was naive and truly believed that the transition from the traditional medicaid to HMO privatization would help pediatricians. In fact, to the contrary, pediatricians are more worried then ever that they will be overrun as this HMO train wreck marches forward enrolling kids and without a captain at the helm. As a Florida medicaid provider for over 11+ years ,I reliquished my participation in the traditional medicaid program in 2008 and characterized the environment as mismanaged. A system that was regressive and unruly and even used strong arm tactics at times with audits to scare their providers. Notices for refunds from providers for services rendered in the trailing 24 months would appear by certified mail and through unjustified claim demands and then one-sided arbitration meetings would result in even more penalties and fines.  What could we do?  Why would a pediatrician with a true love of medicine and helping children need…

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