Cell phone emitted radiation may contribute to brain cancer

Consider the dreadful possibility that an increase in cell phone or cordless phone use over the past 20+ years along with its associated electromagnetic radiation may lead to brain cancer. Of course, there are potential other genetic or environmental factors that play a role. Conflicting data on the subject has been reported; however, actual brain cancer rates have risen a whopping 100%+ from just 1992-2006. Radiofrequency energy, emitted by cell phones and cordless phones, are found to increase glucose consumption use on the same side of the head where the phone antenna is held and, in fact, brain cancer is found much more commonly on the right side of the head then the left side.  Could it be that because since more people are right-handed then left-handed and and hold their phones up to the right ear, this radiation causes cancer more on the right side of the head.  CAUTION: Children are even more susceptible to this radiation and taking proactive measures now for your family can make the difference between life and death.  Long term studies will not likely provide the well needed information for many years revealing is there is a relationship between use and cancer.  So for now, assume it is possible!




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