Naturally lose weight following 4 life-saving steps.

It is not complicated to obtain the healthy lifestyle benefits that you seek without starting down a dangerous path that could lead to an untimely death.  Many people realize the urgency to change their unhealthy habits now to avoid a terrible outcome. Did you know that in our country food manufacturers admit to employing food biochemists to manipulate food product manufacturing and, as a result, addict us by tricking our own bodies into thinking that we are still hungry, resulting in the consumption of excessive calories. You have to be responsible for your own wellness through education to be a smart consumer when it comes to healthy food choices.

A failure to take the necessary steps toward a healthy lifestyle may end your life early. Did you know that the rate of childhood obesity exceeds 30% in the United States.  As a result, the complicating factors of cardiac disease and diabetes are piling up and contribute to poor quality of life and earlier death for generations to come. It is no wonder that there is a frenetic pace from industry to capitalize on this obesity crisis with the opening of weight loss clinics everywhere. Did you know that many of these programs are not even based on real clinical research data and can cost you your life? Watch out for the doctor-prescribed, heart stimulating injectable drugs that claim to assist in weight loss as they can directly kill you by unnecessarily straining your heart or in combination with severe calorie restriction imposed by many weight loss programs.

The marketing promise from these weight loss clinics is to promote an “easy and quick fix” is both interesting, but in reality, scientifically appalling. The emotional rollercoaster ride can be avoided by choosing the right path to health.

Four life-saving steps:

1. Rid dairy products from diet to decrease the risk of additional calories and help alleviate body inflammation that leads to early cardiac disease and cancer.

2. Avoid added sugars from sauces, sweetened drinks, and cereals that lead to obesity and physiological addiction of foods through biochemical modification.

3. Eat plant based nutrition versus animal based nutrition that provides higher quality nutrition and promotes lean body mass.  Help alleviate “irritable bowel” symptoms through more pure food intake.

4. Exercise regularly to promote fat burning and maintenance of weight.

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