Rashes galore

HIVES (picture above)

Rashes in children can have many causes.  The most common cause in pediatrics are overwhelmingly viral infections, but rashes could be caused by other infectious diseases that are bacterial such as Strep Group A or fungal (ie ringworm). We should be aware of non-infectious causes such as allergic reactions to foods and contact sensitivities to sunscreens (ie hives). Rashes that have broken down the skin surface or are blistering are worrisome (toxic reactions). Rashes that are associated with headaches or neck stiffness (ie meningitis) could be dangerous. Rashes that do NOT blanch with gentle pressure, then consider a possible blood disorder or a traumatic cause. Painful rashes could be a sign of an autoimmune disorder or a drug eruption (ie from antibiotic). In all cases of pediatric rash, one should contact the physician to seek medical advice and guidance.

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