Pertussis (Whooping Cough) 100 days and 100 nights

Most adults have lost their immunity to whooping cough rendering them susceptible to this Bordatella pertussis bacteria presenting as “whooping cough”. Research shows that DTaP vaccine loses potency as soon as 3-5 years after vaccination. That means it is important for all adolescents and adults to get that needed “booster” vaccine called TdaP.  After outbreaks across our nation and with a current whooping cough epidemic in California most states continuing to see year after year increases in whooping cough illness; therefore, time is of the essence to protect our newborns from this potentially deadly bacteria that is preventable through successful childhood and adult vaccination programs.

This line chart depicts reported pertussis incidence by age group for reporting period 1990-2012. Detailed text description follows this figure.

Without other identifiable causes of cough lasting 2 or more weeks think Whooping Cough.

What are the symptoms of whooping cough?

  • Spasms of cough, OR
  • Inspiratory “whoop,” OR
  • Posttussive vomiting, OR
  • Apnea (cessation of breathing) for <1 year olds

If you have these symptoms, please seek medical attention to take the necessary medication decreasing the risk of spread to others!

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