Private sector medicine pushed aside by Goverment

Unfortunately, Americans are seeing higher and higher healthcare costs and less and less patient access and more government intervention since Obamacare. The government’s narrative was to intervene to stop the unprecedented rise in healthcare costs (and GDP) but their maneuvering has only dramatically worsened the situation. It is deplorable to see how larger hospital networks lobby the federal government and favored while the little people (private sector doctors) are continuing to be taken out of the system.  Money flows from government to insurance companies along with favors to large healthcare networks through a nondisclosed  process have dished out our hard earned tax dollars to repay the healthcare companies for financial shortfalls as written into the law.  These are facts that have proven to be illegal. It is time for all of us to pay more attention to providers of high quality healthcare rather then rally behind continual big government takeovers. Americans, rally against these hostilities and terrible agendas against private practice physicians in favor of larger systems controlled by our government.  It clearly is not working and only exacerbating an already fragile healthcare system in collapse. Remember, this dysfunctional healthcare system enabled by our administration not only empowered the big and wealthy industries but wasted our hard earned money!  All Americans, I urge you all to stand up and be heard now. Tell your politicians that you are going to take our country back and give control to the people through your votes that will determine your physician and not theirs!


Private sector medicine pushed aside by Goverment

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