Top 10 ways to live a heart healthy life!

  1. Eat a plant-based diet! Scientific research has confirmed these diets result in less cardiovascular disease & heart attacks along with a longer life expectancy. Did you know that of the most affluent countries in the world that Americans have the shortest life expectancy? We can do better!
  2. Consuming exclusively 40-50 grams per day of plant-based proteins for an adult is crucial for a heart healthy life. Currently, in America we consume a whopping 103 grams of protein per day (unfortunately mostly animal-based) and that’s too much! High animal-based protein diets lead to heart disease, kidney disease, and promote cancer!
  3. A diet that consists of whole grains, beans, some fruits, some nuts, and lots of vegetables is heart healthy and proven to promote both quality of life longevity!
  4. Plant-based foods, by nature, are nutrient dense. That is good!  Animal-based foods may be nutrient-poor and calorically dense such as doughnuts and cake and that is bad!
  5. The most unhealthy foods to consume are processed meats and dairy products. These foods are packed with cancer-producing ingredients. Stay away from them!
  6. As a rule, avoid nutrient supplements! Plant-based diets are “whole nutrition” and have vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in just the right amounts. Check with your doctor if you have a nutrient deficiency.
  7. Avoid dairy products like the plague! Use a plant-based dairy alternative if you crave it. Dairy is not meant for people, it’s meant for baby cows. Allergic reactions from the dairy protein and intolerance from milk sugar creates gastrointestinal distress. And worse, dairy causes obesity and is a major contributor to heart disease and premature death.
  8. Sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids (edamame, flaxseeds, black beans) are important toward decreasing body inflammation, decreasing risk of insulin resistance leading to diabetes, and are needed for optimal mental health.
  9. Participating in vigorous activity 150 minutes per week for adults and 60 minutes per day for children promotes wellness, psychological well-being, and social benefits. 
  10. Refined sugars are a real killer! We should not consume sweetened drinks or foods that contain them.  Limit this to 30-45 grams (6-9 teaspoons) per day for adults, less for children. Other “sugary” culprits include salad dressing, ketchup, and boxed cereals!  So watch it!


Top 10 ways to live a heart healthy life!

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