How to eliminate constant belly distress and irritable bowel symptoms!

It is a sad but a true fact that many conversations with patients focus on bowel function irregularity and pain, even in children?  We as physicians hear constantly about frequent belly aches, bloating and excessive gas passage associate with this so-called “irritable bowel syndrome” (ie. IBS). To help avoid a belly aches and constipated stooling patterns (Type 1 and 2) on the Bristol stool chart, institute more fiber into your diet through plant-based nutrition (i.e. beans, fruits, and vegetables). Bristol Type 4 is normal. Current western diets, animal-based nutrition, includes very little dietary fiber, and approximately 1/5 the amount of dietary fiber provided by a plant-based diet. We drink way too little water that is necessary to help form and lubricate our stools for easier passage. Other tips to help with these distressing symptoms of an unsettled stomach or IBS is to decrease our dairy and meat consumption, your body does not need either food group. Consider almond milk as a healthier alternative to dairy, and not too worry as your calcium needs are met exclusively with a plant-based diet. Well as I tell all of my patients, dairy has fats that are “saturated” and cause excessive weight gain, the sugars of lactose and galactose in milk are poorly digestible and cause bowel distress symptoms, and the casein protein is “inflammatory” to our bodies leading to chronic health concerns including heart disease and autoimmune conditions that includes cancer. Feel good and feel at ease with these simple tips!


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