Household products containing Triclosan, a possible heart breaker!

A 2008 government sponsored study revealed that 75% of children and adult participants had evidence of Triclosan in their urine.  In mice studies the chemical showed that it destroyed heart and skeletal muscle.  That may be enough information to conclude that this product has adverse event and even life threatening potential within our bodies. Unfortunately, used as a pesticide since 1969, many consumer–based healthcare products like soaps, toothpaste, deodorants, cosmetics and hand sanitizers contain this chemical! Triclosan may destroy your endocrine system including your thyroid gland. Triclosan may cause immunodeficiency and put you at risk for serious infections that can kill you. It may even put you at higher risk for developing allergies and hay fever.  Beware of the consequences and consider not purchasing product that expose you to dangerous outcomes.

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