Brain Concussions, the when and how to?

Unfortunately, concu0215100954brainconcussionssions, or traumatic brain injury, are a common occurrence in individuals that are actively involved in sports at all levels of play, particularly high school athletics.  Learning more about these unfortunate events through well designed studies will help us educate parents and educators about the management and outcomes of these unfortunate traumatic brain injuries. We, as physicians and healthcare providers have a good understanding how to properly diagnose concussion injuries but we need more evidence based data on “when and how” to re-introduce a concussed person back into academics and sports.

“This study showed that kids with immediate signs of concussion, such as loss of consciousness or amnesia, tended to do a bit better with rest, while those with symptoms such as headache tended to do worse with rest, although this wasn’t statistically significant, said Dr Thomas.”

The following are some symptoms and signs you should look for if your child may have a concussion:

  • Observed and documented disorientation or confusion immediately after the event;
  • Impaired balance within 1 day after injury;
  • Slower reaction time within 2 days after injury; and
  • Impaired verbal learning and memory within 2 days after injury.

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