HPV down: Is this a victory?


My editorial:

Please note that this attached article raises important questions that need to be addressed in more detail. We clearly need to know about the patient population and from where (ie health departments, private gynecology offices, jails) the study obtained their patients. Did the authors in this study compare similar populations for both their pre-vaccine and post- vaccine assessments?  How did they choose their study variables and parameters and how did they statistically evaluate comparisons? I will make it clear that there is NO surrogate for an HPV cancer associated DIAGNOSIS with this study and a well designed study to claim that HPV vaccines cause cervical cancer rate reduction is UNKNOWN at this time. On the other hand, we DO have scientific proof that successful cervical pap smear screening decreases the rates of cervical cancer. This article at best addressed HPV-specific viral strains and compared them pre and post vaccine introduction by some unknown “test”.  We need additional well designed studies proving “safety” of these vaccines in both the short and long term due to global concerns post-marketing from physicians who claim their patients have suffered neurological and autoimmune conditions from the HPV vaccine. In my opinion, the debate surrounding the safety and its low vaccination rates will NEVER be settled until we get more answers.  We must remain cautious until we obtain this necessary data in the interest of our children.Writings are my own and not advice. #HPVvaccines #HPV

Jeffrey A. Hirschfield, MD CPI

The link for the yesterday HPV vaccine article



HPV down: Is this a victory?

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